AquaCare Masterclass in The Netherlands

with Madeleine Kerkhof
a unique opportunity in The Netherlands
June 12-15, 2025

The Dutch are known for their expertise in water management. Madeleine is taking the medicinal use of water to a different level: AquaCare is a complementary modality which can be an extremely valuable addition to any nurse’s, naturopath’s, massage therapist’s or aromatherapist’s practice.

In AquaCare, water in different temperatures and different states – from cold to hot, is utilised as a therapeutical tool to help prevent and treat health issues, and offer relief from symptoms and side effects. Think of fatigue, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, but also digestive tract problems such as cramps and constipation, and pains – including muscle and joint pains, spasms and neuropathic pains.

There is a whole world of evidence and experience based benefits attached to the sensible use of water as a treatment modality. In this 3,5 day unique Masterclass, Madeleine will share her vast expertise with her characteristic passion. She will explain its working principles and cautions. Sometimes we can benefit further from additions to water, such as a carbonated bath, (epsom) salts, herbs or aromatics, which are discussed and experienced during class.
Madeleine has a special talent to think and work in possibilities rather than problem solving – as long as there is some water available, and she will show you how AquaCare may be fitted into any virtually treatment plan, even when facilities are limited.


Thursday June 12th, 1.30pm – 5pm
Welcoming students at Kicozo’s Campus
First basic principles of AquaCare (3CEU)

Friday June 13th, 9am – 5.30pm
9am reception at Kicozo’s Campus
9.30am leaving for Nursing Home with bath facilities to spend the day learning about baths (full, foot and hand baths, 6CEU)

Saturday June 14th, 10am – 5.30pm
At Kicozo’s campus, day on compresses and poultices, Cool Abdominal Washing™ (6CEU)

Sunday June 15th, 10am – 5.30pm
At Kicozo’s campus, day on a variety of additions (including salts, herbs, hydrosols, essential oils) and blending for baths and compresses (6CEU).

Course fees:
Normal fees 749 euro p/p
Early bird price 679 euro p/p*
*booked and paid before December 31st 2024
Fees exclude non-refundable registration fee of 69 euro p/p

Included are:
Alle aromatic and other materials (but bring a few towels of your own)
Lunches on 12-13-14 June
Transport to the location of the nursing home and back on June 13

Group dinner on Friday or Saturday (can be discussed on day 1)
Extending your stay with a few days prior or after the Masterclass to travel around the country some more.

Excluded are:
Travel and travel expenses from where you live to the Kicozo campus, however we will advise, and/or pick you up (for a small fee) from a central pick-up point
Travel and cancellation insurance
Personal shopping in our school

Other details:
All course days & handouts in English
Payment in advance only through Mollie Payments (incl. credit cards)
Minimum number of students: 8, maximum 16.

Madeleine (and her partner in everything Kees) are looking forward to seeing you in The Netherlands!