Book: Clinical AromaCare, Aromatherapy for Health Care & Practice

Available from end of May 2023

Kicozo’s books, written by globally respected expert Madeleine Kerkhof, are your ideal partner in gaining knowledge, the latest scientific data and insights, and of course a wealth of inspiration to enrich your care with non-pharmacological treatment options, and to enhance quality of life and health care.

Aromacare, or aromatherapy, has shown to be of great added value to those in the medical and nurses field, and in general or specialist therapeutic practice. Working with essential oils, CO2’s and related aromatics as part of integrative patient care requires knowledge and skill. The need for education and advice for safe and practical use is therefore increasing, as is the demand for sharing experiences through case reports and studies.

To ensure efficacy and wellbeing, optimal comfort and of course safety for vulnerable patients it is imperative to be well informed and equipped with the latest insights.

Perhaps taking a course (although at Kicozo we offer online training globally as well as in person education) is not on your path right now. In that case, or as a support for your existing knowledge and skills in aromatherapy, this book was written.


Madeleine Kerkhof, the author:

“I have written this book especially for you, as a healthcare professional whose passion it is to offer holistic care in their setting, to inspire you to use essential oils and other aromatics, including CO2 extracts in a safe and beneficial way for a variety of health care issues. This may be pain, nausea, skin, wound and oral care, for lungs and airways, for restlessness, anxiety and stress.
In this day and age, I feel we need to nourish and support all aspects of health and wellbeing, on a physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual level. With this book I offer you aromatic tools to do that”.


This thoroughly referenced book will offer you:


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Available from end of May 2023.

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Clinical Aromacare, list of aromatics discussed

*1 Base oils and other compounds – chapter 5

*2 Clinical aromacare essential oils & CO2’s used as such – chapter 6


And several others are mentioned along the way.