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Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 May, 2023
ECA Seminar, Edinburgh, Scotland
Madeleine Kerkhof presents:
“From Bright Flower to Healing Power, Calendula CO2 extract in the spotlight”

Friday 9 – Sunday 11 June, 2023
Aromatherapie & Bilinky, Brno, Czech Republic
“Clinical aromacare, pain and aromatherapy, care in last stages of life”
3 day course by Madeleine Kerkhof (in English with translation)
More info through:

9 September, 2023
Meocura, in Hückelhoven, Germany
Fachtagung “Naturheilkundliche Pflege und Aromatherapie”
Madeleine Kerkhof presentiert:
“Integrierte Schmerzlinderung und Wundbehandlung durch Kohlensäurebäder und Aromatherapie, Casuïstieken”

Thursday 5 – Saturday 7 October, 2023
NAHA Conference Salt Lake City, USA
Madeleine Kerkhof speaks (online) on:
“CO2 extracts in Cancer Care”

Friday 10 – Sunday 12 November, 2023
Aromatica Australia Conference (Online), Australia
Madeleine Kerkhof speaks on:
“Aromatherapy in Dutch nursing care”

Saturdays November 18 and December 2, 2023
Masterclass Fusion AromaCare & Parkinson’s Disease (Online)
Two day online masterclass (3h/day) with Kicozo’s Madeleine Kerkhof
(including course pack sent in the post)

Saturday November 25, 2023
AGM & CPD Day, Milton Keynes, UK
Madeleine Kerkhof speaks live and in person on:
“Aromacare for Moods and Motions in Complex Neurological Disease”


Saturdays January 13 and 20, February 3, 2024
Fusion AromaCare™ for Skin & Wound Care, and Oral Care for the Very Ill and Dying (Online)

Weekends 17-18 February, 9-10 March, 23-24 March, 2024
Masterclass Fusion AromaCare™ and Pain (Online)

Weekend 6-7 April 2024
Complementing AromaTherapy with the best of CO2 Extracts (Online)