Interview Frauke Galia with Madeleine Kerkhof 2022

Interview & Podcast Madeleine by Frauke, January 2022

I’m so honoured to have been interviewed by my dear colleague and friend Frauke Galia at Falk Aromatherapy on Scent in Palliative & End of Life Care.

We had such a brilliant and long conversation where I share my life’s journey with scent turned into clinical aromatherapy for the frailest of patients and their families. It is a conversation that sheds light on the wonderful ways our sense of smell, and scents, can play an integral role in providing safety, comfort, and calm even in the most difficult circumstances, and most painful moments in life.

So… get yourself a cuppa, or a glass of something, sit yourself down and enjoy this hour on aromatherapy by Madeleine, hosted by the wonderful Frauke. Please follow the link to start: