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Global Calendar Activities Kicozo

2021 ♠ October 30-31, 2021 Aromatica Australia Conference (Online) With a range of international expert speakers, including Kicozo’s Madeleine Kerkhof with: “Fusion AromaCare™ for Respiratory Distress in the very ill and dying” 2022 ♠January 15th, 2022 CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy (Online) Online course day with Kicozo’s Madeleine Kerkhof, (including course pack and reader sent […]

Blog: Flu & Cold Viruses, an Aromatic approach (ENG)

Blog: flu and cold viruses, aromatic approach. © Madeleine Kerkhof Update October 2020. It’s not my normal routine to randomly spread blend suggestions around online or social media, but given the Corona (Covid19) virus spreading itself and again causing so much havoc, I thought to at least share a good aromatic option to improve your […]

Webinars & Online Courses (Eng)

Kicozo is located in The Netherlands, but wishes to reach out to those around the world. It is not always possible for us to travel to you or vice versa. Nowadays internet offers us great opportunities to share expertise with you while you are comfortably at home or at work. Not only will you benefit [...]

CO2 Extracts in Aromatherapy, 50+ Extracts for Clinical Applications – Book (ENG)

Author: global expert Madeleine Kerkhof. This unique book offers you, professionals in aromatherapy and aromatic medicine, insights on the specifics, potential and practical application options of over 50 CO2 extracts in their practice. Learn… -> how CO2 extracts are made -> what kind of molecules they possess -> where they are similar, or different to other [...]

Fusion AromaTherapy™️ and AromaCare™️ in Motion

Intensive course week on Pain management Germany - dates to be determined Kicozo offers English speaking students a special program every year. The last few years these programs took place at Kicozo's campus in The Netherlands. That was wonderful, yet I felt I need to take you to extra special places, places where my courses [...]

Calendar Global Activities Kicozo

2020 ♠ September 18-21st, 2020 Botanica 2020 (including workshop Fusion AromaTherapy™ in Dementia Care with Madeleine) Online ♠ 1-day Intensive Workshops @ October 31 – November 2, 2020 Tokyo Elderly & Dementia Care Oktober 31st Oncology November 1st Palliative Care November 2nd Tokyo, Japan ♠ April 10-20 (10 days) 2021 Kicozo, The Netherlands […]

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