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Background Kicozo and Madeleine Kerkhof

Kicozo is a globally active educator, teaching nurses, aromatherapists and other health care professionals a range of complementary care modalities and helps them integrate their skills and knowledge into mean stream health care. Madeleine Kerkhof (RNret, CAE, INEE, MTE, ACSE) is a former nurse. Today she is an expert and world renowned educator  in Clinical Aromatherapy, […]

Training at Kicozo

New: Online courses and webinars in English in your time zone! Please visit Kicozo, school of excellence in integrative and complementary therapies Kicozo is a school for integrative complementary therapies for professionals in health care (facilities). Kicozo offers nurses and other professionals, such as aromatherapists, massage therapists, holistic health care workers and other professionals in [...]

Course Fusion AromaTherapy™️ and Pain

Fusion AromaTherapy™ is Madeleine’s integrative approach to aromatherapy, using conventional essential oils and base oils and compounds, as well as CO2 extracts. Using CO2 extracts is still relatively new, compared to conventional aromatherapy. Madeleine has worked with CO2 extracts for almost 15 years, slowly but surely building up a wealth of knowledge and experience in [...]

Masterclass Fusion AromaTherapy in Elderly & Dementia Care

Masterclass with Madeleine Kerkhof Are you a professional in health care, especially interested in care for the elderly, and already equipped with basic knowledge on Aromatherapy? Are you looking for specialist knowledge on how essential oils and CO2 extracts can be of significant benefit the elderly and those suffering from dementia? Are you keen on [...]

Complementary Therapies at Kicozo

Complementary Therapies at Kicozo At the Knowledge Institute for Complementary (Nursing) Care, we specialize in AromaCare (Aromatherapy), Massage, AquaCare and Relaxation techniques. My team and I teach complementary therapies to professionals in health care (facilities). Kicozo offers nurses, nurses aids, physicians, physiotherapists, social workers, but also other professionals, such as aromatherapists, massage therapists, holistic health care [...]
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