Masterclass Fusion AromaTherapy in End of Life Care

Masterclass with Madeleine Kerkhof
Nashville, Tennesse, USA & Live Streamed

Are you a professional in health care, especially interested in care for the elderly, and already equipped with basic knowledge on Aromatherapy?

  • Are you looking for specialist knowledge on how essential oils and CO2 extracts can be of significant benefit those in the last stages of life?
  • Are you keen on helping to relieve symptoms such as pain, anxiety and unrest that stand in the way of their quality of life and dying?
  • Are you passionate about offering our patients and their loved ones the best aromatherapy has to offer and help nurture, care for and comfort them?
  • Are you looking for the ideal combination of state of the art knowledge, discussing cases and gaining practical skills?
  • Are you willing to give yourself and your clients / patients this gift of intensive studies that will contribute to your practise?
  • Would you like to learn from one of the worlds leading aromatherapy educators in her fields of expertise Madeleine Kerkhof?
  • If the answer to these questions is “yes”, Madeleine and Team Kicozo would love to meet you.


This Masterclass is open to (clinical) aromatherapists, as well as massage therapists and nurses with basic aromatherapy knowledge, provided you (also) speak English. This Masterclass is specially designed to offer tools for health care professionals that work in hospice, palliative and end of life care.

Kicozo’s classes are always a combined and holistic approach to health and sickness. We look at the standard medical, nursing and therapeutical care, as much as the complementary approach. We also give background information on the typical discomfort and diseases that are often found in the elderly.

In this Masterclass we will explore some of the best complementary treatment options aromatics have to offer for the frailest of patients.
We always offer concise background information and build bridges to standard care, where safety is a high priority.

You will learn about the science behind essential oils and base oils, and also how important especially CO2 extracts with their unique fragrance profiles can be in the treatment of issues in end of life care, especially the last days and hours.

Locations & Dates:

Nashville, Tennessee
April 30st and May 1st 

Day to day program will follow soon, watch this space!

General information – to be updated soon:
This course is open to aromatherapists or complementary therapists, as well as nurses or other health care professionals, provided you (also) speak English and have basic aromatherapy knowledge and skills.

Live Stream (and recorded):
For course days you may apply to participate in live stream course days at USA time. A comprehensive course pack will be sent to you after class.

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