Masterclass Fusion AromaTherapy in Elderly & Dementia Care

Masterclass with Madeleine Kerkhof

Are you a professional in health care, especially interested in care for the elderly, and already equipped with basic knowledge on Aromatherapy?


This Masterclass is open to (clinical) aromatherapists, as well as massage therapists and nurses with basic aromatherapy knowledge, provided you (also) speak English. This Masterclass is specially designed to offer tools for health care professionals that work with the elderly and in dementia care.

Kicozo’s classes are always a combined and holistic approach to health and sickness. We look at the standard medical, nursing and therapeutical care, as much as the complementary approach. We also give background information on the typical discomfort and diseases that are often found in the elderly.

In this Masterclass we will explore some – often complex – health care issues that can accompany aging and will especially look at the very old, and those suffering from dementia and other psycho-geriatric diseases.
We always offer concise background information and build bridges to standard care, where safety is a high priority.

We look at several different types of pain that are more specific in the elderly. Think of rheumatic diseases, stiffness of joints and muscles, neuropathic pains (such as peripheral neuropathy, or after a shingles infection). There is attention to optimum skin care for the dry and papery skin, tears and wounds, and oral care or course.
And naturally much attention is paid to influencing mood and overall wellbeing with AromaCare, AquaCare and touch. Think of treatment options for unrest and agitation, anxiety, concentration, depression, sleep issues.

You will learn about the science behind essential oils and base oils, and also how important especially CO2 extracts with their unique fragrance profiles can be in the treatment of issues in elderly care.

Locations & Dates:

Wernhout, The Netherlands
May 31st to June 5th (including excursions)

General information – to be updated soon:
This course is open to aromatherapists or complementary therapists, as well as nurses or other health care professionals, provided you (also) speak English and have basic aromatherapy knowledge and skills.

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