Fusion AromaTherapy™️ and AromaCare™️ in Motion

Intensive course week on Pain management Germany – dates to be determined

Kicozo offers English speaking students a special program every year. The last few years these programs took place at Kicozo’s campus in The Netherlands. That was wonderful, yet I felt I need to take you to extra special places, places where my courses are even more enhanced by the location they are offered in, and allow you to soak up more knowledge and gain practical skills, combined with visits to spa’s, (herb) gardens and rose fields, and be in the midst of it all. And of course you’ll be able to meet (new) people and reconnect and network with friends (to be).

Kicozo will offer you a week on Fusion AromaTherapy™ & AquaCare™ in Motion, fascinating trips to Bad Wörishofen in the German state of Bavaria, Germany, the “cradle” of Kneipp Hydrotherapy and center of excellence of naturopathy. Madeleine Kerkhof has invited other top tutors of the world – such as Marco Valussi and Uwe Steinacher.

The amazing week is entirely devoted to AromaTherapy and AquaCare for pains and inflammations, that block us from being in motion or move forward, from rheumatic and muscular diseases to other disorders such as traumatic injuries of the moving apparatus to peripheral neuropathic pains.


  • 1st day:
    Welcome meet & greet in the evening for students & tutors Madeleine, Uwe and Marco.
  • 2nd day:
    Full course day by worldwide respected Clinical Phytotherapist Marco Valussi who has a specific expertise in essential oils. He will cover the pharmacology of essential oils through receptor-binding and how this influences our senses, and how essential oils work with the TRP channels in the human body to induce physical sensations such as heat, cold, pungency, and pain. Marco also explains how they influence other receptors that allow us to perceive our environment, such as inflammation, pain, and chemestesis (the detection of irritating or toxic substances). These insights can be important for your choices for certain essential oils when treating patients with pains and inflammation.
  • 3rd day:
    Full course day by global expert and educator in Clinical Aromatherapy Madeleine Kerkhof, who will take you on a fragrant journey including essential oils and CO2 extracts that can have profound benefits in the holistic approach to the treatment of pains, inflammations and blockages of the musculoskeletal system. Madeleine has a special affinity to CO2 extracts that often have a unique fragrance profile that may support us in moving forward on an emotional and spiritual  level as well. Madeleine will share some of her best blends and examples of cases to inspire you even more to adopt more tools for patient wellbeing at its best.
  • In the evening of the 4th day Kicozo will organise a group dinner (optional – costs to be determined later).
  • 5th day:
    Participate in a lunch, followed by a walk through the Sebastiaan Kneipp Herbal Gardens, which should be in full swing, guided by Madeleine Kerkhof, and nearby woodland are (Fees to be announced later).
    Or take a day off to rest or discover the area on your own.
  • Day 6-8
    A three day intensive “dive” into the world of AquaCare, inspired by Sebastiaan Kneipp, for pains and inflammations.
    Madeleine Kerkhof is not only a long standing clinical aromatherapist, but is an expert in hydrotherapy as well. Her therapy concept AquaCare integrates traditional hydro-balneo therapies with practical clinical interventions. Uwe Steinacher is an experienced physiotherapist, massage therapist, tutor and expert in Hydro-Balneo-Thermotherapy. He is one of the main teachers of the Kneipp Schule in Bad Wörishofen. He and Madeleine will work closely together to guide you through the theory and practice of AquaCare™ in Motion.
    You will learn how the body responds to cold, warmth and heat, and how you can treat inflammations and pain, as well as stress with the use of different temperatures of water. You will be practicing and experiencing compresses and affusions, foot- and full baths, and evaluate the benefits of additions to water such as aromatics and carbon dioxide.

More information:
This course will take place with a minimum number of participants of 12, maximum 20 from all over the world.

Group dynamics & practicalities:
The group will be made up of students from around the world. Teaching is done in English. Written course material is available in English only.
Speaking (reasonable) English is important, although we offer ad hoc interpretation of difficult words in German and Dutch through the universal principal of “help each other”.
Although there are dummies available in the wet room of the school, to fully have insights into the benefits of the course for patient wellbeing, and assess their response to the treatments, you ideally are prepared to practice and experience the treatments in real life. So bring a bathing suit or T-shirt and shorts at least, a bath robe and good quality slippers!

Madeleine en Team are staying in the Sebastianeum, the traditional Kneipp Spa Hotel where Sebastiaan Kneipp held practice back in the 19th century and which has retained a unique atmosphere.
Of course there are numerous options for every budget, from hotels to pensions and apartments available, and a well laid out campground as well. Booking and paying your ideal accommodation is left to you yourself.

Getting there
You are responsible for your own travel as well. Munich would be the nearest large international airport. There are many direct flights into this airport from major cities around the world, including London, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and also from Amsterdam, Nice, and other European airports. There are also options (with a stop in between) for those from further away.
Trains are frequently and directly connecting Munich to Bad Wörishofen. Arranging a shuttle to your accommodation should be fairly easy, depending on the accommodation.
Driving a (rented) car is also great, and allows you more freedom to discover beautiful Bavaria even further.
Like cycling? Bring or rent one. The gentle hills of the surrounding area allows for great cycle rides, and hiking is amazing too.

Course fees (to be determined in due course) & registration
For the course to go ahead it needs a minimum of 12, and a maximum of 20 students.

The course offers a certificate of completion for 35 CEU’s.

Email Madeleine at info@kicozo.nl for a registration form. Email it back to her. You will receive a payment request. Only upon reception of your full payment, your seat is guaranteed, so the sooner you do so, the more sure you are to participate in this unique – one off experience.
We highly recommend a travel- and cancellation insurance, just in case.

See you then!