Course Fusion AromaTherapy™️ and Pain

Fusion AromaTherapy™ is Madeleine’s integrative approach to aromatherapy, using conventional essential oils and base oils and compounds, as well as CO2 extracts. Using CO2 extracts is still relatively new, compared to conventional aromatherapy. Madeleine has worked with CO2 extracts for almost 15 years, slowly but surely building up a wealth of knowledge and experience in their use and successful blending for her work with the frailest of people.
In this course Madeleine will take you on a journey into the wold of integrated approaches towards pain at all levels.

This class is for:

  • The professional in health care, already equipped with basic knowledge on Aromatherapy
  • Those looking for specialist knowledge on Aromatherapy in all aspects of pain manegement
  • Those keen on learning more about pain mechanisms and how essential oils and CO2’s can offer relief on several levels
  • Those looking for the ideal combination of state of the art knowledge, discussing cases and gaining practical skills
  • Those willing to give themselves and their clients / patients this gift of intensive studies that will contribute to their practice
  • Those eager to learn from one of the world’s leading aromatherapy educators in her fields of expertise Madeleine Kerkhof

The pain model of Loeser is our guide in this in-depth course where address all dimensions of pain and explore what role essential oils and base oils can play – in a truly holistic approach. The model includes nociception, pain sensation, pain perception and pain behaviour. It provides a good guide for the treatment of pain. Treatment may focus on influencing nociception with analgesic or anti-inflammatory essential oils, or on pain sensation with cooling or rather circulation improving oils. But of course we can also help patients perceive their pain differently and positively influence pain behaviour by helping them be less anxious and tense, to relax, unwind and/or help them see how they can help themselves through relaxation exercises, accompanied by essential oils. Patients with pain deserve a holistic approach to all aspects of pain. That is why complementary therapies can be of great benefit to them.

Day 1: Introduction Fusion AromaTherapy™

On this first day Madeleine will take you on a fascinating journey into the process of CO2 extraction. We will look at how it’s done, what specific differences there are between CO2 extraction and other extraction methods, and if and how this process changes the chemical make-up of the oil. Sometimes there are quite big differences, and sometimes they are small, but even small differences can have a great influence on how you would use a CO2 extract as opposed to conventional extraction methods. The fragrance of a CO2 extract – the ones we would use as an essential oil – is especially positively influenced.
CO2 extracts fuse very well into conventional aromatherapy. Before we set off on the rest of the aromatic journey into pain at all levels, we explore how we can use CO2 extracts in practical Fusion AromaTherapy™. We look at application methods, and how to overcome challenges in blending, working with very viscous extracts and last but not least, we look into the science and art of addressing issues of the mouth such as inflammation and pains, to start off and bring mouth care to the next level.

Day 2: Fusion AromaTherapy™ for Pains and Aches

Pain is not a disease in itself, but can be a symptom of a disease or a warning sign that something isn’t quite right. We distinguish acute pain, chronic pain and can also measure pain in different ways. We also distinguish between different types of pain, such as nociceptive pain, inflammatory pain and nerve pain. On this 2nd day we look at the causes of pain, the mechanisms we can address, and our limitations too. We look at several approaches for different types of pain, from headaches to joint pains, inflammatory processes and nerve pains, and pain in cancer and palliative care patients.

Day 3: Fusion AromaTherapy™ for Painful Skin Issues

On the 3rd day, we pay full attention to skin care, focussing mostly on painful skin issues, such as chronic eczema, psoriasis, skin inflammations and burns, and of course several types of wounds. Madeleine’s extensive experience in wound healing covers painful infected wounds, moisture lesions, radiation wounds and scars for which she will happily share her best treatment options.

Day 4: Fusion AromaTherapy™ for Emotional and Spiritual Pain

There can be no holistic approach to patient wellbeing without supporting them at the highest levels of being. Pain and the perception of pain are highly influenced by their emotional and spiritual status. Helping patients regain confidence, relieving anxiety and depression, supporting their coping skills, providing a better sleep pattern, and helping them to find peace and strength from within , often makes the difference.
Especially CO2 extracts offer the most exquisite fragrances, directly appealing to our emotions, instincts and memories. Today is all about the very best of plant essences and how you can fully support your patients (and yourself of course) and find a new level of emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

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